B-side w/ Monty & more

B-side w/ Monty & more

Deep, rollers & experimental Drum & Bass

Ready for round two? After an insane first edition, B-side is back for more and ready to show you what the other side of DnB has to offer! We're kicking off with an even bigger & badder lineup than before, so hold your horses. French producer ‘Monty’ will take you on a journey in a set filled with his unique sound, classic rollers, and halftime beats. With releases on ‘1985 Music’, ‘Flexout Audio', and ‘Critical’, this guy has proven himself as an unstoppable talent! He will be accompanied by other powerful talents like ‘Alleviate’ from ‘Avian Bass Collective’ and ‘Skengah b2b Airmax’ from the Inner East Soundsystem. Is that all? Of course not, we'll have more big news for you coming soon.

We feel very blessed to do this again, and we can't wait to see all of you on the fourth of May! Early tickets are now available, so grab them while still available.

See you on the B-side Tilburg!



  • Monty [FR] - (1985 Music/Flexout audio/Critical/Invisible)
  • T.B.A. [BE] - (1985 Music/Flexout audio/Dispatch recordings)


  • T.B.A. [NL]
  • T.B.A. [NL]
  • Alleviate [NL] - (Avian Bass Collective)
  • Skengah b2b Airmax [NL] - Vinyl Set-  (Inner East Soundsystem)




  • First to join the B-side: €15,-
  • Next to last to join the B-side: €17,50
  • See you on the other side: €19,99


  • DOORS: 22:00
  • START PROGRAM: 22:00
  • END: 04:00
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Datum 04-05-2024
Tijd 22:00
Genre Drum 'n Bass / Jungle